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Louella 5 month update!

Here we are again...another month gone by! It just seems to be going by faster and faster. The biggest change this month has been FOOD! We are still breastfeeding wonderfully thankfully but we have started baby food, mainly just for fun. I always said I wouldn't be the person to start baby food right away and would do baby led weaning at 6 months....but here we are, starting baby food and I'm happy we are! She loves it and honestly, it gives us something different to do during the day since we are still stuck at home.

She has definitely found her voice and loves to scream! Girl is loud! It's so funny to listen to. She is kinda lazy and has only rolled from back to belly twice. When she is on her belly she has started kicking her feet and push with her knees like she is trying to go somewhere. She will be on the move in a couple months I'm sure!

We are really looking forward to the summer months and hopefully getting out soon. Vince and I are desperate for some date nights and grandparents are really missing their girl. We can't wait to hug everyone again and I know lots are missing sweet snuggles with our girl.

She is currently 15.6 lbs and about 25" long. Loves her toes, food and screaming! Every toy goes in her mouth. She is still sleeping great (praise!). When she is tired she is ready for bed and will let you know, she doesn't love tummy time still but she is getting better!

Here are some fun photos from the last month <3

This is how she feels about the coronavirus

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