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Half Way There! 20 Week Update

As of Friday we are officially 1/2 way to meeting our sweet babe! If you didn't know already, we are pregnant and due December 6th. We have confirmed on 3 separate occasions that she is a girl so I'm pretty confident that's right! haha.

Thankfully things have continued to be pretty easy for me (don't be mad). My doctor told me I might want to keep to myself how easy it's been but honestly, most women hear horror stories of sickness, aches and pains and all that it may be refreshing to hear that it's not always horrible! I am very very VERY thankful that this girl has been easy on me. I know it's not easy for everyone and that breaks my heart. I'm sure the next one may not be as easy. The last couple of weeks have been super fun for us because we are feeling you move! I feel you multiple times a day now and your dad has been able to feel you once. I know anytime now he will be able to feel more often as you continue to get bigger.

Our 20 week ultrasound went wonderfully. We both can breathe a little easier now knowing that you are growing right on track in there. You were moving around, sucking your thumb, gave us a thumbs up and showed off your cute feet.

Thankfully since I have been feeling great I have been able to continue working out. My goal is 4 days a week and I have been able to keep up with that! I had signed up to run a 5k right after I found out I was pregnant and was determined to be able to do it at 20 weeks. Yes, 5k isn't that far, but add growing a human it makes it not as easy! It was also 95 degrees. But we did it! I hope I can continue to be able to work out 3-4 times a week for as long as possible.

Your stats this week -- Per my pregnancy app you are the size of a banana, 6.5 inches, and 10.1 ounces. However, at your ultrasounds you were a little bigger than that measuring at 13 oz. Hopefully you continue to grow nice and healthy!

My stats as of last week -- I have gained 7lbs in the last 20 weeks and I am so very happy with that number! My goal is to gain less than 30, lots of people think I'm crazy when I tell them that, but my doctor says she'd be totally okay if I only gained 15 lbs. So I will continue to workout and be as healthy as possible. Please believe I still have my ice cream very often! haha :) We love ice cream and milkshakes. The first time I ever felt baby move was right after a strawberry milkshake from Five Guys. They are DELICIOUS!

You officially have a crib...and a name! I have considered not sharing her name because I don't really care to hear peoples negative opinions...and believe me I've gotten a few. But, who cares. We LOVE your name! You are named after two very strong women and represent both sides of our family. Louella is from my Mimi and Marie is from Vinces mom. We think Louella Marie is just perfect. Our sweet LouLou. <3

Today I had Vince take some photos of me on the big camera to document the 1/2 way point. As my belly continues to grow I want to be better about documenting these days with the nice camera. Plus, he needs to learn how to use the camera for when baby comes! <3

We are so thankful for this time and our lives and can't wait to meet this sweet baby girl! Hopefully these next 20 weeks fly by!

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Louella Marie is BEAUTIFUL...and 30 lbs is the perfect amount! I gained exactly 30 with Desi and Miranda and 28 with Bethanie. (She was 2wks early) and they all weighed around 7 and are right on track for a healthy baby girl❤️So happy for you and your family Lane, keep sharing the pics and updates!!

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