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Wyatt - 3 Months

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

I still haven't written Wyatts birth story and here we are at 3 months! Craziness. I will get around to writing is birth story eventually. Life is crazy right now with these two kiddos, busy season and moving. We are nuts! Since we are moving I have no clue what Wyatt's stats are because everything is packed. I'm guessing he weighs around 13ish lbs or more.

This baby has been different in so many ways. Is birth was way easier, I thought he would be a better sleeper and he fooled us, leaving a second baby is much easier than the first and has helped my mental health SO MUCH. With Louella I struggled mentally and never wanted to leave her, and when I did leave her I worried constantly. With Wyatt he was born as I was entering busy season for work so I really had no choice, I couldn't afford to not work during my busiest part of the year. I started working earlier than I thought I would, about 2 weeks, and it was GREAT! I did a few sessions here and there and I am just so thankful I did. It has helped me tremendously. I know Wyatt is safe and happy when i'm gone and it is so good for everyone for me to get away and be just me for a moment.

Don't get me wrong, I definitely still have my moments. There are some days were I just cry and think i'm not cut out to be a stay at home working mom, there are days I got sit in my car and cry, and there are some days where we THRIVE! It's all about balance right?!

Another thing that's not the quickly I got my body back. With Louella i felt amazing right after she was born, same with Wyatt but then the weight came back on :( I keep trying to be kind to myself because birthing two humans in 18 months is rough on the body but it has been hard. I know i'll get back to feeling like myself and working out regularly again but it's been tough. So I remind myself daily to be nice to my body and be thankful for providing me two beautiful babies.

Things are definitely getting better as he gets older. He is so smiley! I think he is way more smiley than Louella was at this point and I think he will just giggle any day.

His sleep has improved tremendously the last two weeks. A little over a month ago I broke down and rented a SNOO. If you don't know what it is, look it up. Its an insanely expensive basinet that is supposed to help soothe them. It did NOT work for us. I'm happy it works for so many people but honestly, I think your baby is either a sleeper or isn't, no fancy rocking machine is going to turn them into a good sleeper. We quickly returned it and ended our rental. Little man LOVES tummy time so we decided to try sleeping on his belly. Don't mom shame me, everyone does what works for them and this worked!! We are now getting 6-8 hour stretches of sleep and it is glorious. Wyatt is safe, has a monitor that monitors his breathing, he has great head control and can roll himself over if needed. I know tummy sleeping is a no no until they can get there themselves but he is just fine. :)

He is way happier these days now that he is getting some good sleep and it makes everyones life better.

We are starting to see his personality more and it is just the greatest gift. He loves us singing to him and loves his sissy.

He HATES his car seat. :( That is definitely a big struggle, especially when i'm driving by myself with two kids. Hopefully that changes soon.

Loulou is screaming "hey mommy, get up now" so I have to wrap this up. We sure love you bubby Wyatt! 3 months goes by fast....but i'm happy its over! haha We are moving on to better and happier times with our sweet boy!

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