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Louella - 4 Month Update

4 Months!! It's so crazy to me. This month has been big! Lots of changes and lots of firsts and we have lots of photos :)

Unfortunately our doctors appointment got postponed due to the corona virus so are stats were done at home.

Weight: 14lbs Length: 24”

She is in 6 month clothes -- cue the tears! I had to go buy some long sleeve onesies because I was not expecting her to be in 6 month clothes before she even turned 4 months. Most of our 6 month clothes are for warm weather!

We are definitely getting to a sweet spot with her. Yes, she is still a grump a lot haha but all of her sweet smiles make up for it!

Sleep -- the big question! She basically sleeps through the night. Hallelujah! She does wake typically once for a feed and maybe once a week she'll sleep through the entire night. She puts herself to sleep and it is glorious. Naps are getting longer and more consistent. 2-3 months ago I could not see this. I knew we would get here but I could not see the light at the end of the tunnel. But it's there, it happens, sleep is a thing! It blows my mind that I put her in a sleep sack, say goodnight, lay her down and she puts herself to sleep. Sometimes she fusses for a few minutes but then she's asleep. For all the new moms who may read this, or moms of 2-3 months old you will get there! And when you do you will be so thankful.

I love watching her on the monitor as she's falling asleep. She plays with her hands and it's just so sweet.

We ditched the swaddle! The first day of both arms out was ROUGH! But thankfully after that it's been great!

She is slowly weening herself off the paci which is great. There were a few weeks where we just played paci pong for hours before she'd finally fall asleep. No more of that!

She flew for the first time and ROCKED IT OUT! This mama was nervous to fly with her alone but we did it! I am so thankful for the time with our favorite people. She also slept the longest she'd ever slept our first night there and slept amazing the rest of the trip. I was worried about not having Vince for help at night and she took care of that for me :)

This month we also ditched the baby tub! Big girl loves laying on her back in the tub and splashing around.

She rolled back to belly for the first time (she's been rolling belly to back for a while)! She's done it once and not again haha. She's rolls to her side a ton but is too lazy to make it all the way over by herself again I guess. She still loves snuggles with Daddy!

We took part in #thefrontstepsproject to remember our quarantine days during the coronavirus.

We did our 4 month photos at home since we are quarantined.

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