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Louella - Two Months!

Miss LouLou is 2 months old! To be completely honest this last month may have been harder than the first month. Maybe that is because the newness wore off, we had less visitors, holidays were over and lots of things were changing!

Emotionally for me I struggled this last month. Lack of sleep is no joke. The last week has been great but the couple weeks before that I was an emotional rollercoaster. I never thought I would be one to have the "baby blues" but some days I would cry for no reason. I really think that was mainly due to lack of sleep. Thankfully that is getting better! Working out helps as well and I have been getting back into it and trying to get 3 days a week. I can't wait to get back to 5 days a week once possible.

As far as sleep goes -- that's a roller coaster as well! haha! Sleep is always the first question from people and I feel like how we measure success or how well the baby is doing. It shouldn't be that way. Some babies don't sleep, some babies do, we shouldn't compare our sleep status to others but that is SO HARD! We thought we had a good sleeper and then she decided to switch it up on us this month and it was not easy. We had one particularly really rough week. I'm hoping we are through that! The last week has been great. Vince kindly reminded me one night that every night she wakes up is a good night. I keep telling myself that. I'm so thankful for her and to have a healthy baby and if she doesn't sleep through the night for a while, that is okay! We will adapt!

Baby Update - I *think* she's around 11lbs. She's getting chunky!

She is smiling a lot and starting to coo at us a little. She still loves bath time but hates getting out and being cold. She loves being on her play mat. She's even getting to the point where she would prefer that over being held. She is pretty content looking at all the colors and her little friends that hang from it.

She still has blue eyes and lots of hair. It hasn't started falling out really yet so I'm hoping it stays!

We started cloth diapers and that is going great...even daddy is on board. The diapers are SO CUTE! I love them :)

I breastfed in public for the first time! Go me! I've been so nervous about doing it and finally did. Hopefully that continues to get easier.

We went down to the studio for some 2 month photos and she looks so big! I just adore this little girl and am so lucky to be her mama. We are getting in a groove, *I think*, and I just can't wait to continue to watch her grow and learn. She is the best thing ever!

We love you so much sweet girl! <3 Now it's time for me to go wake her up from her nap and get some food in her! :)

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