Louella One Month

Here we are, one month since the birth of our little miss. It’s 4 am and I am nursing as I’m writing this (which will probably take me a few days to finish). I want to start with this...I saw a quote earlier today and can’t remember exactly what it was but it said something like it’s okay to be completely overwhelmed while also being incredibly grateful. That is where I’m at right now. Life with a newborn is extremely overwhelming...but also the greatest and sweetest time ever. It’s a weird roller coaster of emotions going from one second feeling so alone (middle of the night feedings) and the next looking at your sweet babe and being overwhelmed with how much you are in love. so, although some days are hard and I complain I know without a doubt I’m the luckiest person in the world to get to be her mom and I am forever grateful.

Mom update: Physically I feel amazing. I am in awe at how fast my body has bounced back. I’m not 100% healed yet but I feel great and really have since probably the end of week 1-2. I’m back in pre-pregnancy clothes 🙌🏼 And even was back at pre-pregnancy weight within two weeks which is shocking...but things are definitely a little more squishy than before 🤣. Emotionally - most days are great (thanks placenta encapsulation🙌🏼) but there are definitely still some rough days. I’d say 90% of the time I’m good....but the other 10% is hard. It’s hard to ask for help, but it’s necessary. The hard times (mainly nights) are 100% worth it and really aren’t that bad compared to others. Things are getting easier now as we are getting the hang of things. Let’s hope that continues!

Baby update: (really what everyone is here for)

Weight: 9.7 lbs according to our scale at home. That’s up a whole pound! We don’t go to get 1 month doctors appointment for 9 more days so I’ll update with the accurate measurements then.

Length : TBD - will update after doctors appointment

Sleep: Girlfriend has slept in her crib since day one 🙌🏼 This was a huge goal of ours and honestly I wasn’t sure it would happen. But it did! The first couple nights home I didn’t think I could do it and at probably 2am ordered a co-sleeper for our bed. Ive only used it for an hour maybe twice after she’s gotten up in the morning I and I wanted to continue to be lazy lol. She is pretty consistent with going 3 hours between feeds at night. Recently she has been going 4 hours and a handful of times has gone 5 hours 🙌🏼 I’m hoping we get those 5 hour stretches more often. She’s gone a couple nights with only waking up once between 10-6 and that was glorious! I have tried to get her on a schedule as much as possible and we follow the eat, play, sleep cycle. Her naps during the day are about 1-1.5 hours long depending on what we are doing. If we are out and about She will sleep longer in her car seat. The goal is 1-2 naps a day in her crib though....but those car seat naps sure are nice!